John Tym Photography & Framing



Framing and Presentation


We are able to offer a bespoke framing and presentation service, not only to our photography clients once they have chosen their images.  We can work with artwork, including watercolours, oils..., and even memorabilia.


So often clients face a restricted choice of presentation and make poor decisions which can lead to the premature deterioration of their treasured images and artwork.  I can advise clients in making their choices and have access to an extensive range of traditional mouldings and mountboard, and mounts can be cut specifically to suit, whether it be for a single image or a number of images in a single frame.


We also offer a laminating service (as distinct from encapsulation used to protect posters etc), and can provide a variety of finishes including an imitation canvas finish which is resistant to abrasion and cleaning - try that with a traditional canvas and it will rapidly be spoilt.